2019 ~ Documentary ~ 75 Minutes ~ English

Director: Molly Stuart

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Online Discussion: Listen to the recorded discussion here.

Like all Israeli youth, Atalya is obligated to become a soldier. Unlike most, she questions the practices of her country’s military, and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Despite her family’s political disagreements and personal concerns, she refuses military duty and is imprisoned for her dissent. Her courage moves those around her to reconsider their own moral positions and personal power.

Objector follows Atalya to prison and beyond, offering a unique window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of a young woman who seeks truth and takes a stand for justice.

Screened in the Fall of 2020 through Voices From the Holy Land (VFHL), a film collective of faith communities in Washington, DC. They screened the film, Objector, followed by a dynamic Q&A featuring the film co-director, Molly Stuart, and the young Israeli woman featured in the film, Atalya Ben-Abaa.

Some of us in our Rochester area viewed the film and the Q&A, finding both extremely important in shining a light on the situation for Israeli youth, bound by the law of conscription following high school. With permission from our friends in VFHL, we are making it available once more to our friends here in Rochester and beyond who may not have seen it in the Fall.