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The People and The Olive

What do olive trees mean to Palestinian farmers? Olives are their livelihood, their source of sustenance and the way they root themselves, historically and spiritually, to the land. But Palestinians are denied access to nearly 30 percent of their beloved olive trees in the West Bank as they struggle to live under Israeli military occupation. How do they persevere? And what should the international community understand about Palestinian olive farmers, who love their land and harvest it every season to feed their families — just as farmers across the world do?

In response, filmmaker Aaron Dennis and journalist Jacob Wheeler created an inspiring film to highlight the plight of the Palestinians. Together, they documented The Run Across Palestine in February 2012, an effort by six Americans to run 129 miles in five days across the West Bank, in order to raise awareness about the struggles of Palestinian fair trade olive farmers, and replant uprooted olive trees. The run transcended the daily news stories and addressed the visible and hidden impacts from the loss of traditional farmlands for the individual farmers and their families, and bridged cultures along the way.

"They planted so we ate. Now we plant so they eat. Past generations planted these trees that we're eating from and are supporting our lives, and we plant trees for our future generations to support their lives."
— Palestine Fair Trade Association founder Nasser Abufarha


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