2020 Events & Films

Witness Palestine's 2020 season included four programs.

  • Four feature length films were screened online, without charge.
  • Participants registered for each film and watched the film when it was convenient.
  • For each film, participants could join an online (Zoom) discussion session with the panelist(s).

2020 Films

A People Without a Land - APWAL poster 2
Its what we do - Three_IDF_soldiers
Its what we do - IDF_and_Palestinian_family
Seeing Through the Wall
Linda and FK
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2019 Events & Films

Witness Palestine's 2019 season included seven programs:

  • A Celebrate Palestine event with keynote presentation by Dr. Nadia Abuelezam,
  • Five feature length films were screened at The Little and at a local university.

2019 Films

soufra-0006 3x2 2019 gallery
Thomas Morgan Portrait DSC_1820 3x2 2019 gallery
the lobby usa 3x2 2019 gallery
Benny_Brunner 3x2 2019 gallery
Ciaran_ Gibbons 3x2 2019 gallery
firefighters-2 3x2 2019 gallery
TGBR-6 3x2 2019 gallery
TGBR-3 3x2 2019 gallery
TGBR-1 3x2 2019 gallery
1948-1 3x2 for gallery
1948-2 3x2 2019 gallery
Nadia Abuelezam 1 3x2 2019 gallery
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2018 Events & Films

Witness Palestine's 2018 season included seven programs:

Noura Erakat

Noura Erakat

Danielle Ponder

2018 Festival Flyer

2018 Festival Flyer

2018 Films

2017 Events & Films

Witness Palestine's 2017 season included seven programs:

Susan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa

2017 Festival Flier

2017 Festival Flier

2017 Films

2016 Events & Films

Flyer for Witness Palestine 2016

2016 Films

2015 Events & Films

Witness Palestine's 2015 season included seven programs:

  • A keynote presentation by Rev. Graylan Hagler, "Connecting the Dots: Ferguson to Palestine"
  • Once again, a "Celebrate Palestine" cultural event closed out the 2015 with Palestinian food, music, discussion, and dance.
  • Four films at The Little and one area screening at a local university
Connecting the Dots: Ferguson to Palestine with Rev. Graylan Hagler

Connecting the Dots: Ferguson to Palestine with Rev. Graylan Hagler


Flyer for Witness Palestine 2015

2015 Films

2014 Events & Films

We offered seven programs in 2014:

Fringe Festival: My Name is Rachel Corrie

Fringe Festival: My Name is Rachel Corrie

Witness Palestine 2014

Flyer for Witness Palestine 2014

2014 Films

2013 Events & Films

After our successful inaugural run in September and October 2012, we reprised the series in September 2013.

  • We increased the number of programs from five to six
  • We kept the popular format from 2012: a screening followed by a panel discussion
  • The venues remained the same: The Little in the heart of Rochester NY, and St. John Fisher College.
Jonathan Kuttab and Rev. Gordon Webster

Panelists Jonathan Kuttab and Rev. Gordon Webster


Flyer for Witness Palestine 2013

2013 Films

2012 Events & Films

We started the film series based on our belief that the U.S. mainstream media don’t portray a full, consistent picture of what’s happening in Israel-Palestine. We presented a total of six films at The Little Theatre, along with area screenings at St. John Fisher College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the School Without Walls.

Julia Hurley and Haneen Ali

Panelists Julia Hurley and Haneen Ali


Flyer for Witness Palestine 2012

2012 Films